The members of the López-Uribe Lab recognize that as academics we are in a privileged position in the world, both as educators and leaders of discoveries in research. We also acknowledge that systemic racism, institutional discrimination, and elitism are ingrained in the academic system. As a result, we are committed to being actively engaged in leading anti-racist actions and creating opportunities for individuals from historically underrepresented backgrounds in the scientific community, with the hope that these actions can lead to academic environments that are equitable to all and that truly represent the pluralistic society that we are part of. 

Effective institutional changes occur when rooted at different levels, from research groups to departments, colleges, universities, and beyond. In our lab, we are committed to engaging in the following anti-racist scholarly actions:

1. We will invest in deliberation and discussion regarding issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our field (Entomology) and academia as a whole. These discussions will be implemented during a monthly discussion.

2. Aim to include primary literature from people of color (POC) into our literature review during lab meetings, scientific talks, and general public presentations.

3. We will actively participate in diversity training on the following topics: implicit bias, microaggressions, being a bystander, the historical context for racisms, colorism, among other topics. 

4. We will actively participate in and support activities, seminars, and workshops around DEI organized by the department, college, and scientific organizations.

5. We will host symposia about DEI at national conferences such as the Entomological Society of America, Ecological Society of America, Evolution Meeting, and the American Bee Research Conference.

6. When hosting symposia or organizing scientific meetings, we will actively invite speakers from underrepresented groups in science to give talks and participate in these professional development and networking opportunities.

7. We commit to begin good bystanders and voice our concerns when we see, hear, or read racist and discriminatory actions at any level within Penn State.