Postdoctoral Researcher in Applied Beekeeping

A postdoctoral position is available in the López-Uribe lab ( at Penn State University to work on a large collaborative project related to organic beekeeping and foraging behavior of managed honey bees. This USDA-funded project aims to investigate foraging ranges of honey bees in different landscapes by integrating behavioral data, radars, QR code data, and forage availability. We will test the role of colony size and landscape context on the average distance of foragers from different colonies. The project will generate a longitudinal dataset of 3 years that will offer opportunities for several peer-reviewed and extension publications. Click here for more details about the position, required skillset and application process. To apply, visit and search for REQ_0000036845 Postdoctoral Scholar Researcher in Applied Beekeeping



Currently, there are no funded positions for MSc or PhD students. However, I am always interested in discussing possibilities with prospective students whose research interests align with our lab! Check out our Research website for more details. If interested in discussing, please send me an email with (1) your CV, (2) detailed description of research interests, (3) motivation for obtaining a MSc or PhD degree, and (4) details about specific projects you are interested in pursuing.



Soon (Winter 2022), we will have two additional postdoctoral positions open from NSF and USDA funded projects. One in quantitative genetics and the other one in disease ecology. If you are looking for a postdoctoral position and have this expertise, please contact me via email including your CV, a clear explanation of your research background and why our lab would be a good fit for your career. In addition, I am always happy to discuss ideas for proposals and/or fellowship applications to work on independent projects that align with the research themes of the lab.