Burn Baby Burn, Lupinus Inferno: How Controlled Burns Could Help Save a Species


Helping Farmers Protect Pollinators


Study Sheds New Light On Antibiotics Produced by Ants


Siguiendo a las Calabazas


Recruiting citizen scientists for ‘Bee Germs’ and the “Great Pumpkin Project’

Researchers recruiting citizen-scientists for ‘Great Pumpkin Project’ and also seeking local residents who have ground-nesting bees

Links: PennState News

The Journey of the Squash Bee

Crop domestication facilitated rapid geographical expansion of a specialist pollinator, the squash bee Peponapis pruinosa.

First Radio Tracking of Tropical Orchid Bees

Large-Range Movements of Neotropical Orchid Bees Observed via Radio Telemetry.

Links: Press-news   –  Cornell Chronicle

Climate Change Shapes Bee Distributions

Climate, physiological tolerance and sex-biased dispersal shape genetic structure of Neotropical orchid bees.

Links: ScienceDaily – Phys.org –  Scientific American – Smithsonian