Study Sheds New Light On Antibiotics Produced by Ants

“External immunity in ant societies: Sociality and colony size do not predict investment in antimicrobials”

has been accepted for publication in Royal Society Open Science, December 2017

Recruiting citizen scientists for ‘Bee Germs’ and the “Great Pumpkin Project’

Researchers recruiting citizen-scientists for ‘Great Pumpkin Project’ and also seeking local residents who have ground-nesting bees

Links: PennState News


Journey of the Squash Bee

Crop domestication facilitated rapid geographical expansion of a specialist pollinator, the squash bee Peponapis pruinosa.


First radio tracking of tropical orchid bees


Large-Range Movements of Neotropical Orchid Bees Observed via Radio Telemetry.

Links: Press-news   –  Cornell Chronicle


Climate bee


Climate, physiological tolerance and sex-biased dispersal shape genetic structure of Neotropical orchid bees.

Links: ScienceDaily – –  Scientific American – Smithsonian