Squash bees are specialist pollinators of plants in the genus Cucurbita, a group of plants that includes high-valued crops such as pumpkins, squash, zucchini and other gourds. While many pollinators, like honey bees, visit dozens or hundreds of flower species, squash bees are exclusive to a single group of plants. As their name suggests, squash bees rely entirely on blossoms from the Cucurbita plants for all of the pollen they feed their offspring. This specialization has led to the evolution of multiple morphological, behavioral and ecological adaptations for Cucurbita pollination. In this booklet, you will learn more about the biology of squash bees, and how to help them thrive on your Cucurbita farm or in your garden.

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Brochu KK, Fleischer SJ, López-Uribe MM (2021). Biology and pollination services of the squash bee, Eucera (Peponapis) pruinosa. Penn State Extension (Booklet) https://lopezuribelab.com/squash-bee-biology.