Many members of the López-Uribe Lab are presetting at the upcoming 2022 Entomological Society Meeting. Here are all the details, hope to see you there.

Dr. Margarita López-Uribe 
Recent history and future trends in entomology concerning bees.

Sunday, November 13, Room 122 @ 9:50 am

Adaptive processes in agricultural pollinators: The case study of the squash bee Eucera pruinosa.

Tuesday, November 15, Room 203 @ 2:50 pm

Grace Gutierrez
Introduced mason bee species have comparable thermal tolerances to a native species.

Monday, November 14. Room 220 @ 11:30 am

Isabella Petitta
Pollinator abundance and diversity across varying populations of Lupinus perennis in Pennsylvania.

Monday, November 14, Room 116/117 @ 11:42 am

Avehi Singh
Comparative genomics sheds light on the evolutionary consequences of pollen specialization in the sensory genes of bees.

Tuesday, November 15, Room 119/120 @ 10:00 AM

Stephania Sandoval
Non-aggressive interactions in the squash bee Eucera pruinosa and its brood parasite Tripeolus remigatus.

Monday, November 14

Phylogenomics reveals within species diversification but incongruence with color phenotypes in widespread orchid bees.

Wednesday, November 16, Room 119/120 @ 3:56 pm

Sydney Bird
Polyandry in the common eastern bumble bee (Bombus impatiens) and its implication for conservation.

Monday, November 14, Room 220 @ 12:18 pm

Dr. Nash Turley
Studying bee population dynamics using 10 years of standardized sampling.

Tuesday, November 15, Room 210 @ 4:20 pm

Laura Jones
Squash cultivation and adaptation in cold tolerance aided the northward range of a solitary bee.

Wednesday, November 16, Room 202 @ 11:05 pm


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