Wednesdays @4PM (EST) – 1h 15 min via zoom; weekly from November 4th to December 16th

Join us for the Beekeeping Winter Webinar Series organized moderated by Tom Butzler, Robyn Underwood, and Margarita López-Uribe from Penn State Extension. These six webinars will cover a number of timely topics about beekeeping biology, basic and advanced management practices.


The series of 6 webinars series will take place weekly on Wednesdays from 4 PM to 5:15 PM (EST). Registration is required, and each webinar has cost of $5. Find details about the webinar topics and how to register below.


November 4th – Beekeeping Philosophy (Robyn Underwood, Margarita López-Uribe & Beekeeper Panel) – There are many different ways to manage honey bee colonies, including a continuum of options for each decision that has to be made. We will talk to beekeepers with varying philosophies to learn about their responses to challenges and what guides them along the way. [Register and watch now]


November 11th – Organic Beekeeping Management (Robyn Underwood) – Research at Penn State University comparing various honey bee management systems has shown that our organic system is desirable for both beekeepers and bees. Robyn will walk you through the management steps taken as part of this system in each season of the year. [Register and watch now]


November 18th – Honey Bee Genetic Diversity (Margarita López-Uribe) – The goal of this talk is to provide an overview of the genetic diversity of honey bees, including topics regarding their evolutionary origin, diversification and breeding of different genetic stocks. The process of Africanization will be discussed. [Register and watch now]


December 2nd – Interactions between Spotted Lanternflies and Honey Bees (Robyn Underwood & Julie Urban) – Spotted lanternflies have been impacting bees and beekeepers since their introduction into Berks County, PA, in 2016. Learn about the interactions of these insects and what we’ve learned about their role in the proliferation of dark, smokey fall honey.  [Register and watch now]


December 9th – Identification of Honey Bee Diseases (Robyn Underwood) – Honey bee colonies can be infected with various diseases and pests. Learn to identify and differentiate many of the problems beekeepers deal within the United States.  [Register and watch now]


December 16th – Artificial Insemination (Anita Collins) – This presentation will introduce the process of semen collection and insemination of virgin queens, including several different sets of equipment. Successful use of AI requires good preparation and aftercare for a queen to maintain a strong colony. The beekeeping involved and some of the limitations of AI queens will be discussed as well. [Register and watch now]





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