The Entomological Society of America is hosting its annual meeting virtually this year due to the pandemic. Check out the talks that members of our lab will be presenting during the next 2 weeks! All talks are pre-recorded and available on-demand! 


Engaging young audiences into scientific discourse through beekeeping activities

Robyn Underwood, Brooke Lawrence, and Margarita López-Uribe. 

Talk on-demand:

Pathogen dynamics between managed and wild bee populations in agroecosystems

Laura Jones, Ginamaría Román-Echevarría, Kristen Brochu, Rudolf J. Schilder, Margarita M. López-Uribe

Talk on-demand:


Herbivory reduces visitation by specialist but not generalist bees to Cucurbita flowers

Kristen K. Brochu, Avehi Singh, Mila Paiva, and Margarita López-Uribe

Talk on-demand: #EntSoc20


Interactions between plants, viruses and pollinators shape plant species fitness and could favor virus persistence in the landscape.

Cristina Rosa, Chauncy Hinshaw, and Margarita López-Uribe.

Talk on-demand:


An integrative approach to species delimitation in the orchid bee genus Eulaema (Hymenoptera: Apidae). 

Stephania Sandoval-Arango, Carolina F. Cardoso, Michael G. Branstetter, and Margarita M. López-Uribe



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