The Tracking of Feral Bees project at Penn State is underway. Last Thursday night, we set out on our first feral bee adventure of the year! About 45 minutes south of State College, in Huntingdon County PA, we sampled individuals from the our feral colony of our study. A great sycamore tree, close to 100 years old, had fallen. The tree had a large cavity that was home to a feral colony. The comb inside […]
[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] It was a wonderful weekend at the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association conference in State College. Beekeepers came from all over PA to listen and learn about honey bees and beekeeping. I am Margarita, a new assistant professor at Penn State and leader of the Lopez-Uribe Lab. I was a guest speaker at the PSBA conference and gave a quick overview of my research and the future goals of my lab. I handed out […]
If you need it, we will have it! Buzz on over to the Wiley Bee Lab at Penn State, State College PA this Saturday November 12 from 3-6pm We are selling beekeeping equipment at a discount Inventory: Shallow, medium and deep hive bodies with frames and plastic foundation, tops, migratory lids, inner covers, bottom boards, screen bottom boards, plastic pollen trap, plastic frames, plastic foundation, feeders We accept ONLY cash or checks Address: Wiley Ln State […]
Methods of oxalic acid (OA) treatments We have begun our first project in the Lopez-Uribe Lab (@lopezuribelab). Our aim is to compare the effectiveness of two methods of oxalic acid (OA) treatments for mite control: the trickle method (trickling of OA sugar syrups into honey bee colonies) and vaporizer method (OA fumigation through vaporization). Background: Oxalic acid (OA) has been adopted by many beekeepers worldwide as a valuable tool for Varroa control. OA toxicity to Varroa […]